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Whistleblower Investigations

When managing and investigating Whistleblower Complaints, organizations in the Alberta Public Sector are governed by the Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act (PIDA). From 2020-2022 our team performed investigations for the Public Interest Commissioner’s Office and are experts in investigating Whistleblower Complaints. By relying on us, you can be assured your Whistleblower Complaint investigation will meet the requirements of PIDA and withstand potential scrutiny by the Office of the Public Interest Commissioner.

Whether a public sector entity or for-profit company, our Team’s expertise in Whistleblower Investigations can help your organization navigate these often complex and challenging investigations.

Code of Conduct

Having a strong employee misconduct investigation process protects your organization as well as your employees. If you suspect an employee has committed misconduct, we can assist you in resolving the matter by conducting a timely, fair investigation which will provide you impartial and unbiased facts upon which to base your decisions.

Bullying & Harassment

Investigating these types of incidents can be extremely challenging as they are generally emotionally charged, can be very divisive and often opinion based. It is important that all participants believe the investigators are impartial and unbiased and, given the nature of internal politics and work relationships, that is often difficult to achieve unless an outside party is involved. We will use our extensive experience in performing investigations and assessing credibility to provide you with an impartial report that you can rely upon to make a fair decision.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest investigations can save your organization a lot of money and stress. They can result in the recovery of lost resources, prevent future losses, and avoid reputational damage to your organization.

In these situations, engaging external investigators is a good choice as it reduces the risk of further conflict of interest between the investigative staff and the subject of the complaint. Our Team can help you address and resolve conflict of interest situations and you can be assured it will be performed in a timely and discrete manner.

Employee Mismanagement

Leaders within an organization who berate, humiliate, belittle, and demean their subordinates can quickly turn a working environment toxic. Complaints of abusive supervisors, managers and executives need to be addressed quickly to prevent cultural damage and allow for your team to start rebuilding and healing itself. Following our investigation, we will provide you with an independent and unbiased report that will allow you to make a fact-based decision to address the issue.

Fraud & Internal Theft

When investigating theft or fraud in the workplace the main goals are to determine who is involved, recover the stolen funds or property and support potential employment, civil and criminal action against the perpetrators. With over 30 years of policing experience, including managing the RCMP's, Alberta Provincial Fraud Unit, you can have confidence in our Team’s ability to undertake these types of investigations.

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Let's Work Together

Workplace investigations can be time consuming, difficult and often organizations do not have the expertise to perform them on their own. It can also be important to engage an outside investigative team to ensure the process is perceived as being impartial and unbiased by all parties involved.  Let our Team at AEM Risk & Security Consulting Ltd. assist you in these difficult situations.

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