Whether you need an expert in Critical Incidents to create and implement your personalized Emergency Action Plan, need a professional to train your employees in how to react should a Critical Incident occur or you simply need your existing plan reviewed by a subject matter expert, AEM Risk & Security Consulting Ltd. can help you. 

Emergency Action Plan Development & Implementation

Don't have an Emergency Action Plan?

AEM Risk & Security Consulting Ltd. will work with your organization, one on one, to develop a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.​

We will then work with you during the implementation of your personalized Emergency Action Plan to ensure, in the event of a Critical Incident, your organization has the required protocols, procedures and training to increase the safety of your employees.

AEM Risk & Security Consulting Ltd. will also provides ongoing support to ensure the continued viability and success of your organization’s Emergency Action Plan.

Emergency Action Plan Review Services

Already have an Emergency Action Plan?

Let AEM Risk & Security Consulting Ltd. review your current Emergency Action Plan and provide expert insight and recommendations. Our review will help ensure your Emergency Action Plan is robust and viable in the event of an actual Critical Incident.


By having your organization's plans and procedures reviewed by a subject matter expert you will further demonstrate your due diligence in providing a safe working environment and reduce your criminal and civil exposure should your company experience or be exposed to a Critical Incident.

Being Prepared - Training Session

Looking for training for yourself or your employees?

Are you looking for information on how a person can better protect themselves against a critical incident and acts of violence and terrorism. AEM Risk & Security Consulting Ltd's training seminars provides attendees with information and strategies on how to react and respond during critical incident. Topics include safety strategies while at work, while commuting, while in the general public or while attending large public events.

These sessions are ideal for businesses, community groups, sports associations or anyone wanting to provide their employees, members or volunteers with training and information on how to protect themselves during critical incidents. 

With over 20 years of law enforcement experience and critical incident response planning and prevention, AEM Risk & Security Consulting Ltd. walks participants through strategies and techniques they can use should they ever be involved in a Critical Incident.

Health & Safety Policy Development

Looking to implementation a Health & Safety Plan or improve your current one?

Are you looking to implement a comprehensive Health & Safety Plan that meets industry standards? As professionals in developing Health and Safety Plans, let us take on the responsibility of creating a custom Health & Safety Policy for your business so you can concentrate on the operational side of your business.

Maybe you have a Health & Safety Plan but you recognize the need to update it to reflect the changing world we now live in where violence in the workplace is a reality that must be planned for. Our expertise will ensure your Health & Safety Plan is robust, reflective of the nature of today's business environment and meets the ever increasing regulatory requirements of your industry.

The Real Estate Council of Alberta has recently directed Real Estate Brokers to implement Health & Safety Plans.

Are you looking for a cost effective way to ensure your employees are safe and your business is compliant with Health & Safety Regulation? We have assisted a number of Alberta Brokers to understand and meet these new requirements. Let us help you ensure your business is also meeting these new industry standards.