Workplace violence is a reality that needs to be planned for.

AEM Consulting will help you plan & prepare for these Critical Incidents

Protect your employees & clients

Reduce your civil & legal exposure

In a perfect world your organization could simply assume its employees have a safe working environment, one free from the risk of violence. However, in reality, all organizations no matter their size or sector face some level of risk. In today’s world, Critical Incidents including acts of violence by employees & clients(current and former), domestic violence in the workplace and acts of terror are a reality. The true challenge with this is making choices and investments which cost-effectively manage these risks while still meeting an organization’s strategic and operational objectives. 


If you found yourself in the middle of a situation with an active shooter, would you be prepared?


If domestic violence occurred in your business, would you be prepared?

If an employee became violent in the workplace, would you be prepared?

Workplace violence isn’t predictable. Discussing “What if” isn’t always easy, but it’s important. Would your employees be able to quickly alert the authorities? What about exits or safe hiding locations? By being prepared you can save lives. Workplace violence doesn’t discriminate based on size. Whether your business is large or small, have a plan in place and be ready in the event that tragedy strikes.

The reality is a Critical Incident can not only put your employees and clients at physical risk but also expose your organization to civil and criminal liabilities. By investing in our expertise you will not only be creating a safer environment for your employees but can reduce your exposure to civil and criminal liabilities.


AEM Risk & Security Consulting Ltd. will work with your organization to develop a customized strategy to manage these risks and provide the appropriate procedures and training to maximize the safety of your people while at the same time building a solid foundation for your due diligence obligations.